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Our app does not calculate gains and losses from cryptocurrency trading.
As such, we cannot process files containing cryptocurrency transaction data,
we need files containing realized gain data.
You will need to use one of the several cryptocurrency accounting applications to calculate your realized gains,
unless your trading platform provides this service.
But, if you obtain a file of realized gain and loss information, we can help you

(1) merge crypto gains and losses with your broker gains and losses and
(2) prepare Form 8949 and statements, if needed.
For information specific to a platform or service, click on the link in the Name column below.
If your service is not listed
  • Email us a copy of the data file
  • Include a list of the steps to navigate to and download the file
  • Include a screen shot of the download screen
  • We will add support for your file within 3 business days
  • We will refund your processing fee when your processing is complete
If you have more up-to-date information, let us know.

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