TaxAct Active Traders


If you have more than 2,000 broker transactions, you can use FORM8949.COM to generate a PDF file for attachment to your TaxAct-generated tax return and enter summary totals into the TaxAct program.

1. Select Federal > Investment Income > Gain or loss on the sale of investments > "Enter totals from a statement of transactions you will attach to your return".

2. Check the "Attach a statement of transactions instead of entering them manually" box. Click 'Continue'.

3. Using the customized instruction sheet we provide to you, enter the reporting category summary totals shown on the instruction sheet.


If filing electronically, you will have the option during the e-file steps to attach your Form 8949 attachment as a PDF.

While you can simply attach statements which support the totals entered above, we are of the opinion that it would not hurt to attach the entire package of Schedule D, Form 8949, and statements that we provide. These can be downloaded from the Download Results page in the app (see below). Click the button in the "Combined D, 8949, Stmts" column for your preferred reporting option.