E*Trade hosts an Open Financial Exchange (OFX) server from which your 1099-B realized gain and loss information may be retrieved by our program.

To retrieve information from their server, you will need the following information:
  E*Trade Account User Id:
  E*Trade Account Password:


E*Trade provides a downloadable CSV file containing your realized gain and loss information.

  1. Log on to your ETrade Account.
  2. Go to the Account Menu.
  3. Select the Portfolios Tab
  4. On the Portfolios screen, select the Gains & Losses Tab
  5. Under "View", select Taxable.
  6. Under "Tax Year", select the applicable tax year.
  7. Click the "Download" link in the upper right.
  8. In the "Download" pop up window. Select "Expanded View". Click the Download Button
  9. A "TaxableGLDownload.csv" file will download to your system.
  10. Save the .csv file to your Downloads, Desktop or other folder.

More info

Please email us at support@form8949.com with new information if any of the above is out-of-date or incomplete.