How tax professionals can use the app and
get 50 percent off regular pricing


After your client sends you via portal, file share, or email their broker 1099-B data file, you submit the file for processing. Our app converts the broker file into a file that can be imported into your tax software and a statement that can be attached to the tax return. As a tax professional you can get 50% off our regular processing fees.

Specific Steps

1. When you sign in to the app, on the Tax Prep Method screen, select "I am a Tax Pro"

Select I am a Tax Pro

2. On the Tax Professionals screen select your tax software and how you integrate the outputs of our app with your tax software. Then click 'Go to Prepayment Screen'.

Go to Prepayment Screen

3. Select a prepayment amount and click 'Click to Go to'. At you may pay with a credit card or with your PayPal account, if you have one.

Make a Prepayment

4. Submit the file your client has downloaded from their broker website for processing.

Submit the file

5. On the Downloads page, select the file applicable to your tax software.

select the file

6. Or you may download a statement for attachment to the tax return.

download a statement




Try Then Buy

The app helps you self-prepare your 2023 or prior year Form 8949 and Schedule D (and Form 4797, if applicable). The app can also help you import your data into tax software applications.

You don't pay until after you review and approve our web application results.