1099-B CSV Download

UStockTrade provides a downloadable CSV file containing your Form 1099-B information.

  1. Login to your UStockTrade account.
  2. Click the "Side Menu" icon which is all the way to the right in the top status bar.
  3. The Side Menu will reveal several menu headings which are drop down boxes.
  4. Find "Statements" and click the drop down arrow to the right to reveal 3 Tabs marked "Trade Confirmation", "Account Statement" and "Tax Form."
  5. Click the Tax Form tab to show the latest available statements which should include "1099Consolidate" PDF and "1099B" in CSV format.
  6. Click the "Download CSV" link to the right of the form to start download.

If you have additional or newer information regarding UStockTrade downloadable files, please email us at .