Folio Investing Clients

At, we help you minimize the time and expense of complying with the tax reporting requirements related to your stock trading activity.

If you use a Tax Pro, you can save your tax preparer time and save tax preparation fees. If you use tax software, we can help you either (1) import your data into H&R Block, TaxAct, or TurboTaxtax or (2) generate a PDF file for attachment to your return.

All for as little as $12.00.


Folio Investing provides a downloadable tax exchange format file containing your realized gain and loss information.

ACTIVE TRADERS: If you have more transactions than can be returned by the Folio Investing OFX server, use this processing option.

  1. From the log in screen, go to 'Filing Cabinet'
  2. Under the heading 'Statements, Confirms, & Tax Documents', choose your Tax Year, then under the heading 'Year End Documents', select the option 'For Capital Gains and Losses click here' (This will take you to the download center for your tax information.)
  3. Select your specific account under the 'Choose Account' selector, select the Tax Year again under the 'Select the Year you would like to download' selector, then click the 'Refresh' button.
  4. Under the heading 'Tax Software File (.txf)', select the 'Download' option. Select the destination folder on your hard drive to save the info.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each account within

If you have additional or newer information regarding Folio Investing downloadable files, please email us at .