What to Do When Your Broker Form 1099-B is Incomplete

Your broker may not report to you the date acquired and cost of certain transactions.

In this example the broker has not supplied the (1) date acquired, (2) cost, or (3) quantity for a sale.

Noncovered transaction

As stated on the sign in screen of the app, you can add missing information but you will need Microsoft Excel or a compatible program.

Sign in screen

On the 'View Results' screen you will see a message like this. Click on the 'download a special spreadsheet' link.

View results

You will look through your broker reports and records and find and enter the missing cost, date acquired, and quantity information. Save the edited spreadsheet.

Edited spreadsheet
  1. Return to the app.
  2. Go to the Edit Data > Special Processing screen.
  3. Upload the spreadsheet.
  4. Wait for an email notifying you the special processing is complete.
  5. Go to the Download Results screen and review the updated forms.
Upload spreadsheet