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One Step API

  • Users of your software upload their broker 1099-B data file for processing
  • See the list of broker 1099-B files that we can process.
  • Behind the scenes your software submits the data to our API server for parsing
  • Our server returns the parsed data in industry-standard format (FDX JSON) for import into Form 8949
  • SECURE: Our API server processes broker data files in memory. The uploaded broker file is read into memory, processed, and the resulting FDX JSON is returned to your program. After the response is returned, memory is cleared. We never see the data.
  • DOCKER ALTERNATIVE: If sending user data to an outside API is out of the question, the same functionality can be made available in a Docker image for deployment on your server(s).
  • API BILLING: After agreeing to a per-file processing fee, you deposit an amount to cover processing for an agreed-upon number of files. When the deposit is exhausted, an invoice for a new deposit is issued.

To discuss, get API documentation (Swagger) and an API key, contact us at integration@form8949.com.