TurboTax Online Integration

Users of Form8949.com who use TurboTax Online for tax prep have the following integration options:

Enter Detail Transactions

To avoid the tedium of manually entering your detail data, use the 'Import Detail Transactions' option described below.

Enter Summary Transactions

Follow the TurboTax interview prompts.

Import Detail Transactions

The Form8949.com app will provide you with import codes as seen below.

You can import all transactions (#1 below).

Or, alternatively, you can take advantage of Exception 1 and aggregate qualifying transactions (#2 below).

On the "Let's import your tax info" screen, select "Tax Doc Hub A Service of iTips".

Import Summary Transactions

Go to the Taxes menu in the app. There the app will provide you with import codes to import summary transactions as seen below (#3).

Attach Form 8949 Statement

Coming Soon

If you have more up-to-date information, please email support@form8949.com.