TaxSlayer Integration


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Users of who use TaxSlayer for tax prep have the following integration options:

Enter Detail Transactions

Complete the "Capital Gains Transaction" screen (see below) for each transaction.

Enter Summary Transactions

Complete this screen for each summary transaction.

To indicate this is a summary transaction, check the "Reporting Multiple Transactions on a Single Row" box.

CSV Input

Import Detail Transactions

You may upload a CSV file of transaction data.

CSV Available
CSV Upload

However, the CSV template does not provide for:

  • transactions with adjustments
  • transactions for which basis was not reported to IRS (Form 8949 Copy B, E)
  • transactions not reported on 1099-B (Form 8949 Copy C, F)
CSV Upload

Import Summary Transactions

This option is NOT AVAILABLE.

Attach Form 8949 Statement

This option does not appear to be available.

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