Broker 1099-B Data in CSV Format


CSV: Comma separated values. A text file where data is presented in rows and columns. There is no standard CSV format for 1099-B data. Each broker uses a different proprietary approach. As such, our app needs to provide custom code to read and process these files.

List of CSV Files Processed by

The below list is incomplete and will be updated soon.

  1. Accointing
  2. Betterment
  3. BitCoinTax
  4. Chase Investments
  5. CoinBase
  6. CoinPanda
  7. CoinTracker
  8. CoinTracking
  9. Crypto Tax Calculator
  10. Crypto Trader Tax aka Coin Ledger
  11. E*Trade (Etrade Securities LLC)
  12. Etoro
  13. FTX US
  14. Fidelity Investments
  15. Interactive Brokers
  16. Koinly
  17. Merrill Edge
  18. Merrill Lynch
  19. National Financial Services
  20. Robinhood Crypto
  21. Schwab
  22. TAXbit
  23. Tastyworks
  24. TokenTax
  25. UStockTrade
  26. ZenLedger