Realized Gains

Realized gain is the amount by which the sale price of an asset exceeds its purchase price.

For stocks, determination of realized gain and loss requires:

  • matching of buy and sell data
  • if applicable, accounting for option transactions
  • accounting for wash sales

Our online application converts your data file containing realized gain and loss data.

Be sure to download a realized gain and loss data file from your broker. For example, E*Trade users should download from the realized gain tab not the transaction history tab.


Our programs can read files in the following formats:

  • Tax exchange format (TXF)
  • Comma separated values (CSV)
  • Extensible markup language (XML)
  • Microsoft Excel 97-2004 (XLS)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX)
  • Open Financial Exchange Version 2 (XML)

We cannot read files in the following formats:

  • Adobe portable document format (PDF)
  • Open Financial Exchange Version 1 (SGML)
  • Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)