IRS Form 6781

Special Reporting Applies to Certain Securities

Certain sales of securities known as "Section 1256 Contracts" are not reported on Form 8949 but are reported on Form 6781, Part I. And the amounts from Form 6781 lines 8 and 9 are reported on Schedule D, lines 4 and 11, respectively.

Our App

Our app does not generate Form 6781 at this time. You must enter the amounts to be reported on Schedule D, lines 4 and 11 on the same app page where you enter your name and id. See the below example.

Form 1099-B

Your broker reports these amounts separately to you. On the official Form 1099-B, the aggregate (combined total) profit or loss is shown in box 11 as seen below.

You do not have to report the details, just the aggregate amount. The total is shown on Form 6781, line 1.