Broker Information

Currently Supported Brokers

For information specific to your broker, click on the applicable link below. Other brokers are not supported at this time.

Ameriprise Financial      
Apex Clearing      
Ariel Mutual Funds      
Chase Investments      
Dodge & Cox Funds      
E*Trade (Etrade Securities LLC)    
Edward Jones      
Fidelity Investments      
Folio Investing      
Interactive Brokers      
Merrill Edge      
Merrill Lynch      
National Financial Services      
Raymond James      
Raymond James Bank      
T. Rowe Price Brokerage      
TD Ameritrade    
TradeKing Ally Financial      
Wise Banyan      

If you have more up-to-date information, let us know.

If Your Broker is not Listed as a Supported Broker

Open Financial Exchange (OFX) servers

Many brokers sponsor an "Open Financial Exchange" (OFX) server from which 1099-B data can be retrieved using software.

If your broker sponsors an OFX server and is not listed here, we do not currently know the address of their OFX server. If you contact your broker and obtain their server address for us, we will add your broker to our list and provide you free processing services for 3 years.

Downloadable 1099-B Data Files

Other brokers provide for download of Form 1099-B data from their websites.

We can process the below types of files:

  • Tax Exchange Format (TXF) files
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) format files containing 1099-B data
  • Excel spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX) format files containing 1099-B data

If your broker offers such a downloadable file, and is not listed here, email us a copy of your downloaded file. We will add support for such files to our program within 72 hours and process your file at no charge.

We cannot process the following types of files:

  • Portable document files (PDF) files *
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) format files containing trade data (buys and sells) **

* PDF is readable by humans but the layout of 1099-B data is not standardized. Reading the PDF data with a computer program is not practical.

** The likelihood that our program could match buys and sells and do wash sale accounting exactly as your broker already did is remote.