List of Supported Brokers and Supported Data File Formats

Brokers are required to provide you Form 1099-B or an approved facsimile each year in a human-readable format.

Some brokers will also provide the data to you in a computer-readable format. If given the opportunity, please request that your broker supply 1099-B data in one of the "Standard Computer-Readable Formats" described below.

Data File Formats

Standard Computer-Readable Formats

  • FDX JSON: Financial Data Exchange JavaScript Object Notation format. The newest modern standard for financial and tax data communication.
  • OFX: Some brokers sponsor an accessible Open Financial Exchange (OFX) server from which applications can retrieve your data in a standard XML format in your behalf. Our application can interact with these servers. Other brokers sponsor an OFX server but limit access to specific OFX clients.
  • XML: Extensible markup language. A downloadable data file in the same standard format used by OFX servers.
  • TXF: Tax exchange format (TXF) files contain 1099-B data in a older, less-robust, albeit standard format.

Non-standard Computer-Readable Formats

  • CSV: Comma separated values. A text file where data is presented in rows and columns. There is no standard CSV format for 1099-B data. Each broker uses a different proprietary approach. As such, our app needs to provide custom code to read and process these files.
  • XLS: Microsoft Excel format. Data is presented in cells arranged in rows and columns. As with CSV, there is no standard XLS format for 1099-B data. Each broker uses a different proprietary approach. As such, our app needs to provide custom code to read and process these files.

Non-standard Human and Sometimes-Computer-Readable Formats

  • PDF: Portable Document Format. Instead of mailing you Form 1099-B, your broker will allow you to download the form as PDF. We can sometimes parse (read with a computer program) and process PDF files.

    Specifically, there a 2 types of PDF files "vector" and "rasterized". Vector is the most common and allows for presenting the PDF in any size and preserves the quality of the content. Rasterized PDFs convert the content to an image and show jagged edges on letters at large sizes. Our app does not process rasterized PDF files.


For information specific to a broker, click on the applicable link below. If your broker is not listed, please email us. If you have more up-to-date information, let us know.

1 Accointing              
2 Acorns              
3 Albert Investments LLC            
4 Ally Invest (Formerly Trade King)          
5 Alpaca              
6 American Funds              
7 Ameriprise Financial              
8 Apex Clearing Corp            
9 Apex Crypto              
10 Ariel Mutual Funds              
11 Aspiration              
12 AssetMark Trust Company              
13 BNY Mellon              
14 Betterment          
15 Binance              
16 BitCoinTax            
17 BlockFi              
18 Bridgeway              
19 COR Clearing              
20 Cambridge Investment Research              
21 Capital Group              
22 Capital Markets Elite Group              
23 Capital One Investing              
24 Cash App Bitcoin              
25 Cash App Investing LLC              
26 Chase Investments              
27 Citi Personal Wealth Mgmt.              
28 CoinBase              
29 CoinTracking            
30 Computershare              
31 Crypto Trader Tax            
32 Dodge & Cox Funds              
33 Domini Impact Investments LLC              
34 DriveWealth              
35 E*Trade (Etrade Securities LLC)            
36 EQ Shareowner Services              
37 Edward Jones            
38 Fidelity Investments            
39 First Trade Securities            
40 Folio Investing              
41 Futu Trade              
42 Hilltop Securities Inc.              
43 Interactive Brokers          
44 Ivy Funds              
45 JP Morgan Securities              
46 JPMorgan Chase Bank              
47 Janney Montgomery Scott              
48 Just2Trade              
49 LPL Financial              
50 Lending Club            
51 Lightspeed Trading              
52 M1 Finance LLC            
53 Marsco Investment Corporation              
54 Merrill Edge          
55 Merrill Lynch          
56 Morgan Stanley              
57 Morgan Stanley Restricted Stock              
58 Morgan Stanley at Work              
59 Motif Investing              
60 Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc.              
61 National Financial Services              
62 Pershing Advisor Solutions              
63 Primerica              
64 Principal Securities              
65 Prosper              
66 RBC              
67 Raymond James              
68 Robert W. Baird & Co.              
69 Robinhood Crypto            
70 Robinhood Securities LLC              
71 Round Investments LLC            
72 Royal Alliance              
73 Saturna Capital Corporation              
74 Schwab            
75 Scotia iTrade              
76 Shareworks by Morgan Stanley              
77 SoFi Invest            
78 Sogotrade            
79 Solium Capital              
80 SpeedTrader              
81 Stash Capital            
82 Stifel Nicolaus              
83 Stock Cross Financial Services Inc.              
84 Stockpile              
85 T. Rowe Price Brokerage              
86 TD Ameritrade          
87 TIAA Brokerage              
88 Tastyworks            
89 Third Party Trade            
90 Trade Zero              
91 TradeStation              
92 Tradier              
93 Twine by John Hancock            
94 U.S. Bancorp Investments              
95 UBS            
96 USAA              
97 USAA Investment Management Company              
98 UStockTrade              
99 Uphold              
100 Vanguard Brokerage              
101 Vanguard Mutual Funds              
102 Velocity Clearing LLC              
103 Vision Financial Markets              
104 Wealthfront            
105 Wealthsimple            
106 Webull Financial LLC            
107 Wedbush              
108 Wells Fargo Advisors              
109 Wise Banyan              
110 Zacks Trade